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RLV3A*-Ex: LED Hi-Vis Safety Vest
Intrinsically Safe & Anti-Electrostatic Discharge


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Roobuck LED equipped Intrinsically Safe High Visibility Safety Vest is perfect to highlight your presence making you clearly visible and safe at all times. Intrinsically safe LED Strap and anti-electrostatic discharge vest design make it suitable for petrochemical environments and underground coal mines.
By toggling the pushbutton on the Battery Box, the LED operation goes through: Constant on > Slow Flashing > Fast Flashing > Off
Models and Background fabric colours
RLV3AR-Ex: Red
RLV3AY-Ex: Yellow
每 Active warning without relying on any incoming light;
每 Long distance up to 300 meters in good conditions;
每 Flashing light for strong virtual effect;
每 Water-resistant structure for operation in any weather;
每 Suit for potentially explosive environments;
每 Seven sizes available.
Passive Tape Reflection PLUS Active LED Signalling

Anti-Electrostatic Discharge & High Visibility Materials:
-- High visibility fabric in 100% cotton complying with AS/NZS 1906.4
-- 3M reflective tape in 100% cotton certified for oil & gas industry

High Visibility Safety Garment:
Compliance with AS/NZS4602.1 Class D/N for Day & Night use

Intrinsically Safe LED Strap:
Ex Mark: Ex ia I Ma IP65 and Ex ia IIB T3 Ga IP65
Certificate #: IECEx TSA 15.0017
Standards: IEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-11
How to Use

每 Check Ex Marking of this product to confirm that it meets your Ex requirements, including gas group (I/IIA/IIB), temperature class =<T3 and ambient temperature (-20 ~ +40 oC). This product has the highest Equipment Protection Level and can be used in any Ex zone.
每 Choose a size according to chest size. Choose a larger size if a bulk cloth is worn.
每 Do not fold sharply to avoid damaging electrical wires.
每 Store away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.
每 Inspect regularly and replace if it is damaged, soiled or faded, or if reflective material has ceased to function. In constant daytime use, the garments should be critically examined at 3- to 6-month intervals.
每 Remove batteries if the garment is not used for a long period of time.

Battery Replacement
LEDs are powered by 2xAA Alkaline batteries in the Battery Box. The Battery Box can be opened by unscrewing the bolt. Place the O-Ring properly when closing the Battery Box.
Only following batteries are certified for this LED Strap. Using any other battery is strictly prohibited.
1) Brand: Energizer. Model: Max
2) Brand: Duracell. Model: Coppertop
3) Brand: Varta. Model: High Energy


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