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RG3SB: Cordless Sandblast LED LIght




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RG3SB is designed to mount on sand blast nozzle. It is powered by a Lithium rechargeable battery and therefore electrical cord of current nozzle light on the market is no longer needed. The white LED light does not distort the colour of the blasting areas. The temperate of the light is very low.
Current sandblast lights on the market need a power cord, the surface is extremely hot and the price is too high. Our light not only solves all these problems, but also provide with more advanced features and functions. Except mounted on the nozzle, it also can be worn on your head, attached to an object or simple hold in the hand as a torch. This light is originally designed for underground mine application. It is rigorous to withstand the harshest mining environment. The enclosure protection is designed as IP67.


- No cord
Current nozzle lights are connected power supply through an electrical cord. It is easy to snag, rupture or have to frequently re-attach. RG3SB is powered by a rechargeable battery integrated in the lamp, so electrical cord is not required any more. This cordless feature significantly increases your work efficiency and safety.
- No hot-surface
Current nozzle lights use Halogen bulb, which is very hot, sometimes even melts down surrounding components. This is dangerous in operations. RG3SB uses LED C a cool light source. The temperature is very low and the surface is touchable.
- Multiple functions
Current nozzle lights are only for nozzle installation. RG3SB is not just a nozzle light; it can be used in various convenient ways. Some important accessories are included in the package for your different applications.
- Dustproof and waterproof
It is designed to IP67 protection. This means the highest dustproof and submersible waterproof.
- Natural light
Current Halogen based nozzle lights are in yellowish causing colour distortion of the targeting object. RG3SB is in sunlight style in colour temperature 6000K, a typical daylight colour temperature. This is particularly important in painting.
- Low cost to purchase
The retail price of RG3SB is less than 40% of competitor nozzle lights.
- Low cost to operate
Different from gas lights and filament light, LED is a solid light and never breaks down. You do not need to check or change the bulb. You also do not need to check, change or repair electrical cord or damaged parts. The battery is rechargeable and never needs replacement.

Key Parts
Nozzle mounting parts

Body Sleeve:
Protect lamp body and hold the Glass Cove

Glass Cover:
Protect lamp glass

Mount the lamp on the nozzle

Hose Clamp:
Hold the bracket on the nozzle

This is a standard Hose Clamp, which can be purchased from any hardware store.

Magnetic Lamp Clamp
Clamp the light on an object or magnetically attach it to metal.

There are two button switches. One switch controls two LED in the centre. Another one controls other 8 LEDs. Therefore, there are 3 operating modes for different brightness and durations: 2-LEDs on, 8-LEDs on and 10-LEDs on.

Nozzle Mounting
Step 1: Wrap the light with a Body Sleeve;
Step 2: Mount the Glass Cover into the Body Sleeve;
Step 3: Clamp the Bracket to the nozzle using two Hose Clamps; Tight the hand screw on the Bracket to fasten the light tightly.
Step 4: Insert the light into the Bracket.
Step 5: Check and make sure everything is mounted correctly and tightly.
- Charging

Every package contains a Mains Charger to charge the lamp from a Mains outlet, just like charging a mobile phone. The battery is Lithium rechargeable battery, no memory effect. The lamp has an overcharge protection circuit. So just plug your charger and leave it. You do not need to unplug it when not used in a few days.
We also have other charging facilities as optional including Vehicle Charger to charge the lamps in the cigarette lighter in a car or truck and Charging Banks to charge 8~52 lamps together.

- Glass Cover Installation

When the Glass Cover is worn out and eventually affects the light, it is time to replace it. A box of Glass Covers is supplied as standard service components in each package.
Glass Cover installation is easy. Just open the front of the Body Sleeve to place the Glass Cover inside the Sleeve, then close the Sleeve again. You do not need to take off the Body Sleeve.

Package Contents

(1) Lamp

(2) Charger

(3) Nozzle mounting parts

- Body Sleeve

- Glass Cover

- Bracket

- Two pairs of Hose Clamps in different sizes

(4) Service parts and assessories

- 50 Glass Covers

- 1 more Body Sleeve

- Wrist Strap

- Magnetic Clamp Bracket

(5) Instruction



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