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ELV LED Tunnel Lighting System
Light Model: RTLA1




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ELV LED Tunnel Lighting System includes a number of LED tunnel lights with junction boxes powered from a 240V-32V stepdown transformer. It is primarily designed for general lighting out side of the hazardous area in underground coal mines. Low voltage, IP67 and the rebuts structure make it completely safe for mining applications.
System Structure

A light includes two separate LED sources and a power supply between them. A power lead
permanently attached to the light can be connected to a junction box supplied with the system. Built-in temperature sensors continuously monitor the temperatures within the light and will reduces the power whenever the temperature exceeds the specified value so as to guarantee the light operating in a room temperature. Therefore, the light can be automatically set in a power between 30W and 40W depending on environment and power supply.
Our 1kVA mining transformer is centre tapped to reduce the step and touch potential to 16 VAC above ground. It has multiple supply voltages of 240, 415 and 1000VAC and a 32VAC output. It is earth screened and has circuit breaker two pole output protection. Each transformer can drive up to 25 lights. The output of the transformer can have a number of fanout so several branches of light strings can be archived.

System components: Transformers, Lights with a lead, Junction boxes. The number of each component can be ordered to your system requirements.
Comparision to Fluorescent Light
Item Fluorescent Light RTLA1
Power Voltage 240V - Unsafe <40V - Safe
IP rating Normally <IP67 IP67
Service Changing tube No service
Light Transformer System
Power: 30-40W Capacity: 1kVA Max number of light: 25
Voltage: 20-40VAC Primary: 240/415/1000VAC Number of junction boxses: Any
Ingress rating: IP67 Seconary: 32VAC Number of branches: Any



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