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RBLA1: Underground Mining Machine Headlight & Worklight




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RBLA1 is a radically different underground vehicle work-light/truck headlight to replace the dangerously hot halogen lights currently in use underground. Such lights have been the subject of Mines Dept. Safety Warning Bulletins and the concern of Mines Inspectors alike, but which can now be safely retired by the advent of the cool operating ROOBUCK Bucklite.


The Bucklite is a heavy-duty flameproof bronze-encased highly efficient and enhanced LED headlight that will transform vehicle, machine, and operational lighting, having been designed to withstand the most demanding harsh underground coal and hardrock mining environments. Born out of Roobuck¡¯s expertise in LED lighting, mining equipment, and explosion-proof requirements, this headlight achieves outstanding performance that has been long overdue in the coal mining industry.


Ex db I Mb or
Ex db IIC T6 Gb or
Ex tb IIIC T85¡ãC
(Under certification)

The low energy draw of the CREE LEDs, together with constant monitoring by temperature sensors have made this possible. Power is reduced whenever temperatures exceed specified levels, so the low temperature of the enclosure is strictly maintained.

  • Low operating temperature ¨C because of automatic temperature control & energy efficient CREE LEDs.
  • CLU (Central Light Unit) - easily replaced or upgraded in the future via easy access spin-off locking ringn.
  • 24 Multi-LED White Headlight, switching down to 12 Multi-LED Red Taillight in reverse, - end of bulbs
  • Clear Bright light output.
  • Rugged Heavy Duty design for use in harsh underground mining or tunnelling environments.
  • Bronze case enclosure with cooling fins for superior heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.
  • No servicing required, but is easily opened in the event of damaged lens replacement, or for CLU upgrade.
  • Accepts a Wide range of voltage inputs from 12V~35V.
  • Fully encapsulated electronic circuit for superior protection and shock resistance.
  • IP65 ingress protection.
  • Powder-coated mild steel adjustable angle mounting bracket suits a range of mining vehicle installations
  • 10kg Cast LG2 Bronze housing with IP67 ingress protection provides robust outer casing for the Bucklite.
  • A 12.7mm thick x 80mm diameter clear Lexan polycarbonate disc is silicone sealed into front position.
  • Lens module with 24 crystal lens reflectors amplifies and directs 24 white LEDs in the forward direction, and a further12 red LEDs, without lens reflectors, provide red taillights when operating in reverse direction.
  • Sealed front and rear with Viton O-rings for water ingress protection.
  • Powder-coated mild steel mounting bracket, designed to bend and absorb most heavy impact blows.??
  • Removable rear cap ensures clearly visible check & easy Exd cable connection.
  • Two Ex d cable glands allow daisy chain configuration.

Central Light Unit (CLU)

CLU is significant invention of this product. All function are integrated into this single part. The main frame is a Aluminum Cylinder. Circuit are encapsulated into Aluminum Cylinder. Aluminum-core LED circuit board are on the top of the tube. The terminal for cable connection is mounted on the back. The CLU can be taken off from front of the Bucklite by removing the cover. This replaceable feature of the CLU makes service and upgrade easier and also significantly increases lifetime of the product.



Voltage input: 12-35VDC Luminous flux: 3000 Lumen
Enclosure material: Brass Colour temperature: 2500-4500K
Ingress Rating: IP65 LED lifetime: >50,000 hours
Weight: 9 kg Lightg function: High beam and Red taillight


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