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RHB**-Ex: Intrinsically safe Helmet Beacons




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The world's first Intrinsically Safe LED Helmet Beacon series is coming to protect you and your properties. These products are perfect to highlight your presence making you clearly visible and safe at all times. The circuit is powered by an embedded coin battery. There are three signal modes: Slow flashing, fast flashing and Stable. You can turn it on or off or set the operating modes by pressing the push-button.
These LED mini-beacons can be easily and reliably attached to your helmet. They are extremely light-weight so you never feel their existence. The signal can easily propagate 100 m away underground. A flashing operation further enhances the visual effect. They are all completely sealed unit so are very robust, specifically designed for coal miners and rescuers.
These products are disposable units. Once the battery is running out, the product must be disposed like a general replaceable battery. The operating period is defaulted in 40 hours in a flashing mode, corresponding to one week work shift. The ambient temperature is -20-40oC.
Types and Models
200mAH battery models

RHB02B1-Ex can be attached anywhere to your helmet brim using our Brim Bracket. It also can be attached to other places or equipment such as vehicles to protect your properties.

RHB02S1-Ex can be inserted into an earmuff slot directly.

RHB02S1-Ex RHB02B1-Ex  
900mAH battery models

RHB10G1-Ex and RHB10G1L-Ex can be attached anywhere to your helmet brim using our Brim Bracket. RHB10G1L-Ex also has an encapsulated LED line in circle going along the helmet brim for 360 degree protection.

Model Attachment Weight Battery

Duration in
Flashing Mode

RHB02S1-Ex Earmuff Slot 15g 200mAH >40 hours
RHB02B1-Ex Helmet Brim 15g 210mAH >40 hours
RHB10G1-Ex Helmet Brim 40g 900mAH >200 hours
RHB10G1L-Ex Helmet Brim 45g 900mAH >40 hours
Ex Information
Ex Mark: Ex ia I Ma & Ex ia IIB T4 Ga
Certificate #: IECEx ITA 15.0006
Standards: IEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-11



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