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ROOBUCK LED Boat Light offers IP67 rated construction that designed to withstand extremes of environment and operating conditions. The Light includes two separated LED sources and a power supply between them. the encapsulated power supply resistance to a shock and vibrations when the light is installed in a severs working environment. A power lead permanently attached to the light can be connected to a junction box or directly connect to a power source. Built in temperature sensors continuously monitor the temperature within the light and will reduces the power whenever the temperature exceeds the specialized value so as to guarantee the light is operating in a pre-designed temperature range. Therefore, the light can be automatically set in a power between 30W and 40W depending on environment and power supply. Lights comply with EMC standard, tested by a NATA accredited laboratory.The light body uses thermal conductive plastic designed as a heat sink which dissipate heat efficiently to produce the maximum amount of power and withstand rough saltwater condition.

Power 30 - 40W
Voltage 24VDC
Ingress rating IP67
Weight 3.2kg

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