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RC2B: Low Cost Lightweight Model, 9-LED




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RC2B is designed to I.S. specifications for coal mine certificate from overseas, but not certified in America and therefore the cost is significantly reduced, while keeping the same structure, rigidity, IP rating, brightness and duration. A good option for open-cut mines, tunnels and work-shops when I.S. certificate is not needed, cost is a consideration and lower level of luminous intensity than standard miner¨s caplamp is acceptable.

There are 9 LEDs and a flat reflector without any focus.


There are two button switches. One switch controls three LEDs in the middle. Another one controls other 6 LEDs. Therefore, there are 3 operating modes: 3-LEDs on, 6-LEDs on and 9-LEDs on.



Model Specifications


General Specifications

Battery 2.5 AH, Li-ion Operating voltage 3.7V
Luminous intensity 900 lux for all LEDs on Battery lifetime 80%C after 500 full charging cycles
Duration 14 h for all LEDs on LED lifetime 50,000 hours
Charging time 8 h Enclosure rating IP67
Weight 155 g Warranty 1 year replacement warranty


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