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KH3E-Ex: External Charging Electrode Model




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KH3E-Ex features of superior illumination performance, high-beam operating mode and focused beam make it very suitable for high demanding outdoor hand-free ilumminations.

KH3E-Ex has two LED light sources. The Main LED, a high-power LED located in the middle of the reflector, is for both normal and high-beam illumination. The Emergency LED, a low power LED located on the brim of the reflector, can operate for an extended period during an emergency.

RC3E is our only caplamp model charged through external electrodes rather than charging socket of the lamp.

There are three operating modes. Pressing the button switch toggles operating modes and off in the order as follow.
There are three operating modes.
Main mode (level 2): For normal working operation, delivering good illumination in excess of 14 hours duration. High-beam mode (level 3): Strong light beam for long distance projection, spotting, etc. Should only be used for short periods because the heavier battery drain shortens light duration in this Mode to around 8 hours.
Auxiliary mode (level 1): Power saving for long operation and low level illumination.
Off: The Caplamp is switched off.
Charging Methods

RC3E is charged through two charging electrodes on the lamp without any charging socket, so that a fully sealed structure can be achieved to significantly enhance the rigidity. There are two charging banks, CB35E/CB53E, to charge 35/53 RC3Es.,



¢ KH3E-Ex can only becharged using above charging facilities specially designed for KH3E-Ex. Therefore
¢ KH3E-Ex is not compatible with other chargers and charging banks.
Certificate Information
Ex Code:
         Ex ia IIB T4 Gb IP67
General Ex Standard: IEC66079-0
Intrinsically Safe Standard: IEC66079-11
Ingress Protection Standard: AS60529
Certificate #:
         IECEx TSA 10.0006X
         ANZEx 10.3012X

Model Specifications


General Specifications

Battery 2.8 AH, Li-ion Operating voltage 3.7V
Luminous intensity 5000cd for Main mode
9000cd for High-Beam mode
Battery lifetime 80%C after
500 full charging cycles
Duration Main mode: 14h;
High-Beam mode: 8h
LED lifetime 30,000 hours
Charging time 8 h Enclosure rating IP67
Weight 148 g Warranty 1 year replacement warranty





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