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KH2M-Ex: Lightweight 7-LED Model




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KH2M-Ex is a lightweight model of the Helmet Lamp and Torch series in 7-LEDs. Every LED has an individual concave reflector so a well focused beam can be achieved. It also features a longer operation and low cost suitable for various industrial applications when both focused beam and low cost are demanded.

There are two operating modes: 1 or 7 LEDs on for different brightness and duration. Pressing the button to toggle through 1-LED, 7-LEDs and off.


Certificate Information
Ex Code:
         Ex ia IIB T4 Gb IP67
General Ex Standard: IEC66079-0
Intrinsically Safe Standard: IEC66079-11
Ingress Protection Standard: AS60529
Certificate #:
         IECEx TSA 10.0006X
         ANZEx 10.3012X

Model Specifications


General Specifications

Battery 2 AH, Li-ion Operating voltage 3.7V
Luminous intensity 1000 lux for all LEDs on Battery lifetime 80%C after
500 full charging cycles
Duration 16 h for all LEDs on LED lifetime 30,000 hours
Charging time 7 h Enclosure rating IP67
Weight 110 g Warranty 1 year replacement warranty



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