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KH3VS-Ex is a headlamp and warning lamp fo vehicle emergency signaling and hand-free illumination. During an emergency, it can be attached to the vehicle or to the rail on the freeway. It also can be mounted on the tripod away from the vehicle. The flashing red lamp faces incoming vehicles and the lighting faces your accident vehicle. In this setup, even during the night, in heavy raining or dense fog, incoming vehicle drivers can still see the signal and notice the outline of the car. This active safety warning can effectively avoid further problems or accidents. These headlamps/portable lamp function and emergency signaling function make it a very powerful handy tool for drivers, especially in hazardous material transportation.

Operating Modes:
Auxiliary illumination: for long operations or low illuminations
Main illumination: for general illumination.
Warning: flashing lamp in red on the back for warning.
Main illumination + Warning: combination of Main illumination and Warning.
    ¡ñ  By toggling the operating button the lamp goes   
         through four operating states.
    ¡ñ  Press and hold the button for two seconds to turn off.
    ¡ñ  The lamp starts from the last operating state when
         turned on


Emergency safety lamp
    ¡ñ  Using the tripod to place the lamp away from the vehicle, set the illumination lights toward your vehicle for   
        illumination and the beacon toward incoming vehicles on the road for safety warning.
    ¡ñ  Attach the lamp to the vehicle or highway rail, wear the lamp on the head or just hold it as a torch for repairing
        illumination or safety warning.
Emergency safety lamp
    ¡ñ  Head lamp: Worn on either the head using our Head Strap a simple hard cap using our Cap Strap.
    ¡ñ  Torch: Simply hold in hand as a torch. Our Wrist Strap can help secure the lamp.
    ¡ñ  Belt wearing: Use our Belt Bracket to wear the lamp on the belt.
    ¡ñ  Fixed location: Use our Magnetic Clamp Bracket to clamp the lamp to an object or attach the lamp to metal.
    ¡ñ  Frequently used location: Screw or glue our Lamp Brackets to a place where you use the lamp often, then fit the
        lamp on it.
    ¡ñ  Mobile location: Use our Tripod to quickly install the lamp anywhere.
    ¡ñ  Others: Bar Mount Bracket, Handle and Pocket Bracket, Lanyard and other accessories.

Certificate Information

Ex Code:
         Ex ia IIB T4 Gb IP67
¡¡ Standards:
General Ex Standard: IEC66079-0
Intrinsically Safe Standard: IEC66079-11
Ingress Protection Standard: AS60529
Certificate #:
         IECEx TSA 10.0006X
         ANZEx 10.3012X

Model Specifications


General Specifications

Battery 2.8 AH, Li-ion Operating voltage 3.7V
Luminous intensity 1500lx for Main+Emergency mode Battery lifetime 80%C after
500 full charging cycles
Duration 14 hours for Main+Warning mode LED lifetime 30,000 hours
Charging time 8 h Enclosure rating IP67
Weight 140 g Warranty 1 year replacement warranty


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