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CB8: Dual Power 8-Unit Charging Bank for General Model Lamps




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CB8 Dual-Power Charging Bank is a wall mounting charging facility to charge 8 units of Cordless Caplamps with either 110V AC mains power or via the cigarette lighter in any vehicle with 12/24V DC vehicle power. You can also can power CB8 with any standard 12~24V DC power supply >30W.. It is compact, light weight, high capacity, low current, safe and easy to use. After starting the charging process, no further attention is needed as the automatic over-load protection function in each charging unit will cut off that circuit when the battery is fully charged.

Typical Applications

   ¡ñ  Rescue operations: Back at the base, it can be connected to the mains power to charge the lamps and also
       keep the lamps in stand-by state. If in a fire-rescue truck or other mobile site, the lamps can be charged from the
       cigarette lighter in the truck.
   ¡ñ  Mines: Any applications with small groups of lamps such as a small mine, CPP or workshop. In remote
       operations where the mains power is not available such as drilling, charging lamps can be performed in a fresh-
       air area underground where the 240V AC power is not convenient.
   ¡ñ  General situations: Contractors, specialised personnel, admin, visitor requirements, etc, that is for any situation
        that requires convenience, flexibility, and portability.
   ¡ñ  Powered by either main power of truck cigarette lighter
   ¡ñ  Powered by low voltage DC
   ¡ñ  Compact and light weight
   ¡ñ  Easy to carry
   ¡ñ  Easy to install in a truck

Package contents
   ¡ñ  Mains power cord to connect to the Mains outlet
   ¡ñ  Low power cord to connect to the vehicle cigarette
       lighter of a car or a truck.
   ¡ñ  Instruction
Charging Unit 8
Input 1 110VAC
Input 2 12~24VDC
Output to lamps 5.1VDC/500mA
Power consumption < 30W
Weight 1~1.1 Kg


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