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Cordless Miner's Caplamps

IECEx Certified Petrochemical Helmet Lamps

Charging Banks

Lamp Accessories

Charging Accessories

Application Accessories

Traditional Caplamp

Roobuck Caplamp Bracket

Hemet & Attachment

I.S. Helmet Beacons

I.S. LED Strap

LED Hi-Vis Safety Vest

LED Hi-Vis Lighting Vest

Cordless Sandblast Light

UG Mining Machine Headlight

ELV Tunnel Lighting System

LED Board Light

Steel Mesh Reinforced PE Pipe

Charging Accessories

Part # Name
MC Mains Charger (110VAC)
VC Vehicle Charger (12/24VDC)
Application Accessories
Part # Name
RRS Rubber Ring Sheath
CS Cap Strap
HS Head Strap
BWB Belt Worn Bracket
HPB Handle and Pocket Bracket
MCB Magnetic Clamp Bracket
BMB Bar/Bicycle Mounted Bracket
SWB Wear the lamp on your strap
TB Tripod Bracket
WS Wrist Strap
ML Mining Lanyard
HCS Helmet Chin Strap
PLC7 Lamp cluster to install 7 lamps

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