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Steel Mesh Reinforced PE Pipe
        RRS ---- Rubber Ring Sheath   
Protect the lamp front case from impact such as bumping the lamp to roof or equipment, or dropping the lamp to the ground.
        LB ---- Lamp Bracket   
Glued onto a hard cap then click the lamp on it. Or screwed to a place and click the lamp on it as a fixed lamp.
        CS ---- Cap Strap  
Wear the lamp on a hard cap. It includes a standard Head Strap and 4 cap hooks, which firmly hold the head strap on the hard cap.
        HS ---- Head Strap
Wear the lamp on the head directly.
        MCB ---- Magnetic Clamp Bracket  
Clamp the lamp on an object, or magnetically attach the lamp to metal.
        BMB ---- Bar Mounted Bracket  
Mount the lamp on a bar, pole or bicycle handlebars
        BWB ---- Belt Worn Bracket  
Wear the lamp on the belt.
        SWB ---- Strap Worn Bracket  
Wear the lamp on your strap

        HPB ---- Handle, Pocket & Belt Bracket


Hold the lamp in your hand like a torch, clicp the lamp on your pocket or wear the lamp on your belt. It is also a case and can be openned on the bottom. So you can put some small tools in it such as screw drivers.

        TB ---- Tripod Bracket

A tripod lamp bracket to temporarily install a lamp on the ground, for example to install a signal lamp.

        WS ---- Wrist Strap

It is convenient to securely carry the lamp in hand.

        ML ---- Mining Lanyard

Connect the lamp to your belt to prevent the helmet from falling in special situations such as in front of a ventilation machine.

        HCS ---- Helmet Chin Strap

Keep your helmet in place in active situations.

        PLC7 ---- Portable Lamp Cluster

Seven caplamps can be mounted for a better illumination. It has a magnetic base to attach it to a metal. It also can hang up somewhere. Lamps can point to one spot for a focusing light or to different directions for a spread light.


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