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KL8M: The World's Brightest Miner's Caplamp with Single Charger


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The KL8M LED Li-ion Caplamp combines latest lighting and battery technologies, resulting in a brighter and lighter caplamp. Its small size and ergonomically efficient design render it much more comfortable than the traditional lead acid cap lamp which was 3 times heavier, associated with the use of lead acid style batteries. There are no dangerous chemicals or heavy metals, no regular maintenance such as topping up of acid, no requirement to replace bulbs and offers a service life three times longer than that of lead acid batteries. The caplamp is manufactured from impact and temperature resistant Makrolon plastic material. An over-charge protection system automatically cuts off the circuit to protect the battery, and if the surface of the lamp or the LED is broken it will automatically turn the power off for protection as well. A new radiator significantly reduces the amount of heat experienced in the glass.

There are two LED sources, Main LED and Auxiliary LED. They both are packed in a single LED bulb. Each LED is powered by own circuit driver. The Main LED is a spot light in a high intensity for general illumination. The Auxiliary LED is a flood light in a low intensity for emergency and low illumination. You can choose the Main illumination, Auxiliary illumination or switch the caplamp off by pressing the push button. For added safety it incorporates a low battery warning function with the last hour of discharge flashing every 5-10 seconds to warn the user.

Every lamp comes with a single charger in the package to charge the lamp from Mains power.

       Safety: Sealed battery case, short-circuit protection, LED light head lamp with anti-static housing making it
         explosion proof.
       Reliability: Optimum tough design, solid LED light utilising highly efficient IC drivers guarantee the product is
         durable and strong. The durable Li-ion battery with over charge protection system means this Caplamp is
         suitable for operation under the harshest mining conditions.
       Portability: Small size, lightweight, ergonomically designed, maintenance free, simple charging, easy operation,
         making this Caplamp all too easy, winning praise across the mining industry.
       Efficiency: The light provides bright, clear, cooler light. The minimum luminous intensity is 11,000-14,000lux (at
         a distance of 1m). The quality of the light is maintained throughout the entire 12 hour discharge cycle. The
         battery has a life cycle in excess of 1200 charges and discharges.
       Environment: The KL8M is an environmentally friendly product as per RoHS Directive, and is made of non
         hazardous materials..
       Economical: The KL8M Caplamp is an efficient, high-powered LED lamp with a service life of over 30,000 hours.
         No incandescent globes to replace eliminating costly labor and replacement parts which previously dogged
         traditional lead acid battery caplamps.
Battery capacity 8.8AH Main light power 1 W
Rated voltage 3.8V Main light luminous flux 230 Lm
Duration > 12 h Main light illumination 11,000~14,000 Lux
Charging time 6 ~ 8 h LED Life-time 30,000 h
Battery dimension 75x26x82mm Battery life Over 1200 recharges
Weight 0.6 kg Warranty 1 year

NWB-15D: Dual Power Portable Charger

The NWB-15D Dual Power Portable Charger can be powered from a mains supply or the cigarette lighter of a vehicle. Its small size and strong lightweight quality aluminum construction make it convenient to carry. The circuit board design maximises safety and reliability goals. NWB-15D is an optional accessory.

NWB-15D is an optional accessory.


User Guide
       Connect the plug lead to the AC power-point supply or insert the plug to then turn on the power or insert the plug
          into the socket of the vehicle cigarette lighter. The charger indicator shows green indicating the presence of
       Insert the caplamp headpiece into the plug of the charger; turn 180 degrees clockwise until the anode contacts
          firmly with the charger cathode. The charger indicator will turn red indicating it is charging.
       After approximately 7 hours, once charging is complete, the charger indicator will turn green. The Caplamp can
         be removed for use.
       Input: AC85-265V, 50-60Hz or DC6~30V
       Output: DC4.30, 1500mA
       Size: 125 x 55 x 80mm
       Weight: 0.3kg

NWCR Series: Charging Racks

Please contact us for prices.

NWCR series Charging Racks are specifically designed to charge KL8M caplamps. The Rack incorporates an advanced switching supply which automatically regulates the charging process, saving time and labour with minimal maintenance required.
       Automatically changes from constant current to constant voltage charging, automatically regulates charging,   
         automatic cut off-circuit prevents overcharge.
       Highly efficient charging saves time and energy with little rise in temperature of the Li-ion battery so ensuring a
         longer life.
       The special circuit design allows wide-range voltage input and tolerates power net fluctuations.
Number Recharge Capacity Input Output Power Weight Dimensions
NWCR-102 102 Unit AC85V-265V 4.30V, 1.5A x102 1500W 175kg 171x185x36cm
NWCR-60 60 Unit AC85V-265V 4.30V, 1.5A x60 1000W 125kg 171x115x38cm
NWCR-12 12 Unit AC85V-265V 4.30V, 1.5A x12 180W 19kg 98x30x23cm


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