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RCB: Roobuck Caplamp Bracket

Worldwide Patent Pending: PN2014903138




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Roobuck Caplamp Bracket transforms fixed caplamp into RCBa flexible one allowing you to adjust the caplamp beam to different angles. The beam direction of a caplamp has a downward angle with a horizontal line. This angle is fixed because neither the bracket on the helmet nor the clip on the headpiece has any mechanism to adjust this angle. With Roobuck Caplamp Bracket installed, you no longer need to remove the caplamp off the helmet to point in a particular direction anymore. Instead, you simply turn your caplamp up or down so to shine the light from the very ground at your feet to the roof overhead. The Roobuck Caplamp Bracket extends out far enough to even allow the caplamp to shine down vertically without being obstructed by the visor rim. It normally folds up working like a normal caplamp bracket. You pull it out only when you need a different beam angle.

Stay back in normal operation When you need a downward angle
Even a verticle beam can be acheived
How to Use  

Step 1:
Insert the Roobuck Bracket into current bracket

Step 2:
Insert cap lamp into the Roobuck Bracket

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